Owntracks is an open-source mobile app which sends the phone location to a server, periodically.

Gladys Plus allows you to receive Owntracks message and create location in Gladys.

Download Owntracks

First download Owntracks on iOS or Android.

Create an API key in Gladys Plus

Go to plus.gladysassistant.com, connect.

Then go to "settings" => "Open API", and create a key.

Go to Owntracks

Click on the button in the top-left corner:

Open API owntracks Gladys

Click on settings:

Open API owntracks Gladys

Select "HTTP", and in the "URL" input, enter:


In the UserID and DeviceID input, you can put anything you want (those fields are mandatory).

I put "iphone" for the DeviceID, and "pierre-gilles" for the UserID.

Gladys uses the API key to identify who is making the request.

Open API owntracks Gladys

See your location in Gladys

You should see your location in Gladys in the "Maps" tab.