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Gladys Plus

Gladys Plus is an additionnal product developed & maintained by Pierre-Gilles Leymarie, founder of Gladys Assistant.

Gladys Plus is a paid product, entirely optional, that gives the user a few interesting features:

  • End-to-End Encrypted remote access: We all know in home automation that accessing the local setup from outside of the home network is complicated.

You either need to open your network to the outside of the internet, or you need to setup a VPN to your local network.

Both options are not perfect: the first one is insecure, because your local instance becomes available online and can be hacked and the VPN option is painful to setup, use and maintain.

We provide Gladys Plus, accessible at, it's an E2E encrypted tunnel that proxies the request to your home network without compromising your privacy because traffic is end-to-end encrypted.

  • Daily encrypted backups: Losing your home automation data because of a disk failure or a misconfiguration is never fun.

We provide an encrypted backup service, fully automated, so you can restore your instance at any time, anywhere.

  • Outside world Open API: Sometimes, we want to send API request to our home to send new sensors data, or Owntracks location data for example.