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Tasmota is an open source firmware for ESP8266 devices.

To connect them to Gladys:

  • flash your device with Tamosta firmware
  • configure it
  • go to Integrations / Tasmota in Gladys

Flash with Tasmota firmware#

Follow instructions on Tasmota installation user guide.

There is many firmware installation guides on Internet according to each device. You can find the one you are looking for.

Configure device#

Once flashed with new firmare, go to the device web page and configure MQTT as describe at Tasmota MQTT configuration.

Enter your MQTT broken information and fill the Topic field with the expected unique device identifier.

Click on Configuration.

Tasmota menu

Click on Configure MQTT menu.

Tasmota configuration

Then fill configuration form with your information:

  • Host : MQTT broker URL
  • Port : MQTT broker port
  • User : user to connect to MOQTT broker
  • Password : password to connect to MQTT broker

Tasmota MQTT

Add device to Gladys#

Once saved, go back to Gladys:

  1. to Integration -> Tasmota page
  2. select MQTT discover menu
  3. click on Scanbutton (if device is not already listed)
  4. then Save
  5. and voilà!