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In this tutorial, we will show you how to integrate Node-RED to Gladys Assistant.

This will allow you to connect hardware devices, APIs and online services.

Activate Node-RED

In Gladys, go to in Integrations / Node-RED.

Gladys needs to install a container. Don’t worry, it’s all been automated.

Go to the Configuration section and click on the Enable button. After a few moments (the time depends on your Raspberry Pi model and your bandwidth), you should visualize all the initialized elements and the links between each in green.

Etat des services Node-RED

Connect to Node-RED

You can open the Node-RED interface by clicking on the link ⚠️ Attention, the link is not accessible from Gladys Plus

Lien Node-RED

You arrive at your local Node-RED instance.

Login Node-RED

To connect, you must use the connection information provided in the Configuration section.


You can now create your Node-RED flows


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