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Using ChatGPT to control your connected home

OpenAI definitely revolutionized the world of artificial intelligence when it launched ChatGPT last year.

What if you could use ChatGPT to control your connected home?

We wouldn't be far from having our very own Jarvis at home, just a quick message away!


As the OpenAI API is not free, this integration is part of Gladys Plus. Start by creating your account to get access to ChatGPT 🙂


It's very simple, just activate ChatGPT in the OpenAI ChatGPT integration in "Integrations":

Activate ChatGPT in Gladys

Then you can chat with ChatGPT in the chat tab or via our Telegram integration.

Available commands

There are currently 7 commands available:

Show camera in a roomShow me the camera in the living room
Turn on the lightTurn on the light in the kitchen
Turn off the lightTurn off the light in the kitchen
Get temperature in a roomWhat’s the temperature in the garden ?
Get humidity in a roomWhat’s the humidity level in the bathroom ?
Start a sceneStart the “cinema” scene
Get useful informationsHow do you boil an egg?

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