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Owntracks is an open-source mobile app which sends the phone location to a server, periodically.

Gladys Plus allows you to receive Owntracks message and create location in Gladys.

Download Owntracks#

First download Owntracks on iOS or Android.

Create an API key in Gladys Plus#

Go to, connect.

Then go to "settings" => "Open API", and create a key.

Go to Owntracks#

Click on the button in the top-left corner:

Open API owntracks Gladys

Click on settings:

Open API owntracks Gladys

Select "HTTP", and in the "URL" input, enter:[YOUR-API-KEY]

In the UserID and DeviceID input, you can put anything you want (those fields are mandatory).

I put "iphone" for the DeviceID, and "pierre-gilles" for the UserID.

Gladys uses the API key to identify who is making the request.

Open API owntracks Gladys

See your location in Gladys#

You should see your location in Gladys in the "Maps" tab.