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Install Gladys Assistant on a Raspberry Pi

If you want to install Gladys Assistant on a Raspberry Pi that is already configured, use the Docker tutorial.

Download Gladys Raspbian image#

We provide a pre-built Raspbian image with Gladys already configured:

Click-here to download Gladys Assistant Raspberry Pi OS rev5

This link will download a .zip file containing the Raspberry Pi OS image of Gladys Assistant. After unzipping the downloaded file, you'll get a .img file.

Clone the image on a SD card#

Then, you just have to clone this image on the SD card you want to use with you Raspberry Pi.

I recommend the software Etcher (Linux/MacOS/Windows compatible).

Install Etcher, plug your SD card into your computer, and clone the .img file on your SD card.


Plug your Raspberry Pi#

Plug your Raspberry Pi to your local network and the current.

Give it some time to boot.

Access Gladys#

To access Gladys, open your browser on any computer on the local network your Raspberry Pi is connected. Then enter the URL http://gladys.local.

You should see Gladys web UI!

Note : If it doesn't work, you can access Gladys directly by typing the IP of your Raspberry Pi in your browser. To find the IP, you can use a network scanner app to find the IP, like (Network Scanner on Android or iNet on iOS)