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How to configure Alexa with Gladys Assistant

It is possible to control Gladys devices with Alexa using Gladys Plus, our online gateway service.

Alexa is a unique integration, because Alexa works exclusively in the cloud. This means we have very limited control over what we can and can't do (unfortunately).

To become a Alexa partner, we had to:

  • Pass some automated unit tests on Amazon side
  • Pass a manual review from Amazon team
  • Complete a Alexa Certification process

This is not a simple process, and therefore it's not realistic for all our users go through it on their side. It is a process that is intended for professionals & companies, hence why we offer this integration in Gladys Plus, exclusively.

Create a Gladys Plus account

To join Gladys plus, head over to the dedicated page, and enter your email.

Configure Gladys Plus

Gladys Plus needs to be fully configured before you can use the Google Home integration.

We recommended you follow the step you received by email to configure Gladys Plus.

At the end, you should be able to connect to without any issue.

Once you have successfully logged in to Gladys plus, you can configure Google Home!

Configure Alexa

First, open the Alexa app on your phone.

Go to "Skills & Games":

Alexa integration in Gladys

Click on the "Gladys Assistant" integration:

Alexa integration in Gladys

Activate the integration

Alexa integration in Gladys

You'll need to connect with your Gladys Plus account.

Alexa integration in Gladys


Alexa integration in Gladys

Alexa will now scan for all your devices on Gladys side.

Alexa integration in Gladys

Alexa integration in Gladys

Compatible devices

For now, only:

  • Lights (On/Off / Color / Brightness)
  • Switch (On/Off)

Additionnal compatibilities will be added on request. Don't hesitate to send us your feature requests on the forum.

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