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Connect Gladys to HomeKit and use Siri

On Gladys

To connect Gladys to HomeKit, go to Integrations / HomeKit.

Home App

On your iPhone, iPad, iTouch, open Home App.

Clic on top-right + -> Add accessory.

Scan the code QR display on integration page. Gladys is seen as a bridge, Home app will connect all compatible devices to HomeKit network. During the first connection, you Maison will propose you to define the position of each device. Choose a predifined room or create one.

That's all, you can control your devices with Home app or using Siri.

Compatible devices

  • Bulb (On/Off, color, temperature et brightness)
  • Switch (On/Off)
  • Temperature sensor
  • Opening sensor (door, window...)

Additionnal compatibilities will be added on request. Don't hesitate to send us your feature requests on the forum.

Note: Add device after first HomeKit connection

If you connect a device to Gladys after the first connection to HomeKit, it should be automatically add to a default room, you will have to change it manually. If your new device is not visible on Home app, you can reload HomeKit intégration by clicking on Reload, then wait a few seconds.

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