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Activate developer mode#

Activating developer mode allows Gladys to access Xiaomi API.

You first need to install the "Mi Home" application to activate the developer mode:

Xiaomi icon

  • Start the app
  • Define your region to "Mainland China" when creating your account.
  • Connect all your devices.
  • Finally, upgrade the firmware.

The Gateway#

Open the gateway by clicking on its icon. Follow the steps:

Step 1#

Xiaomi Step 1

Click on the 3 dots.

Step 2#

Xiaomi step 2

Click on "About"

Step 3#

Xiaomi step 3

Click multiple time on the red zone to display additional menus.

Step 4#

Xiaomi step 4

First menu will bring you to step 5, second menu to step 6.

Step 5#

Xiaomi step 5

Activate the developer mode with the button, keep the password, then validate "ok".

Step 6#

Xiaomi step 6

In this menu, you'll find the mac address of your gateway, its sid, useful to link the password you got in the previous step to the gateway (if you have several gateway, it can be useful).

You are now ready to integrate your Xiaomi devices in Gladys!