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Gladys Assistant

Craft Your Perfect Smart Home Experience.

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Some cool features out of the box

Build great dashboards

You can create as many dashboards as you want in Gladys, and they are entirely customizable. Add your cameras, charts of sensors in your house, display who's at home and who's not.

Automate your life with scenes

You want to wake up with nice music? The coffee ready? Gladys can help you with that. Scenes are fully editable in the UI, and can be triggered from an event coming, at a specific time, or manually.

Always one message away

Gladys is a smart assistant. You can talk to her in the interface, or with our Telegram integration. Ask her to show you the image of the camera in the kitchen, and she'll answer back!

Lots of compatibilities, built-in

All integrations are open-source and developed by the community.

The most intuitive smart home software


Gladys is self-hosted, and all your data stays in your local machine at home, in a simple SQLite database.

Easy to use

We built Gladys like we would build any consumer product: no SSH needed, no files to edit.

Clean UI

We built Gladys user interface with great care, and always start with the design when working on a new feature.


Stability is one of the core values of the project, we built Gladys to run for tens of years.


Gladys is built with fast technologies (Preact + Node.js) and we care a lot about performances.

Auto upgrades

Gladys run as a Docker container. We use Watchtower to automatically upgrade Gladys.

Our users love Gladys

I discovered Gladys while looking for a free, design, functional and above all easy-to-use product. I've been using it for years, the product is evolving rapidly, driven by the demands of its community and the excellent work of its creator, which is very enjoyable! No unnecessary features in all directions, supports the majority of home automation protocols by default, and remains always responsive, even when installed on a Raspberry-Pi. Since then, I've expanded my house and improved small parts of my daily life with a bit of home automation 😊 Alerts if a room is too hot (savings in heating), alerts if the fridge stays open, living room lamp triggered by movement in the morning only when waking up, detection of water leaks, etc. And when I go on vacation, Gladys becomes my security box!
I've been using Gladys for my home for a few years now to control room temperatures (bedrooms, bathroom) but also my openings. When I go on vacation, I am more serene because with Gladys I have access to my entire installation. It's easy and intuitive to understand and set up. With the creation of scenes, we can do a lot of scenarios to make things easier and secure our home. Thanks to the contributors.
Always passionate about home automation, I started like many with 1 or 2 sensors with a good dose of more or less stable tinkering. Tired of putting my hands in it and not always understanding/knowing how to improve it, I was looking for a simple and efficient product, Gladys was there. Ultra-simple installation, perfectly documented and complete for all uses. The icing on the cake, a very active community and a creator in the background who ensures constant stability and scalability. Which seems quite rare on comparative systems. I can't do without it now, and the installation grows a little more every day. Try it, you'll love it!
Gladys Assistant, haven't you heard of it yet? It's my constant companion for managing ALL my home automation. It can do everything for me without a single line of code, and it's open-source. You can use it for free locally, but its full power is unlocked in the paid version for remote control of all your devices or home without ever compromising your network security. If you try it, you'll love it, and you'll also be welcomed and supported by a dynamic and caring community.
I've been using Gladys every day at home for over 2 years, to open/close my gate, control my lights in the evening from my couch, and interact with several household appliances throughout the day. Gladys also alerts me in case of intrusion into the house during my absence, in case of water damage, but also to manage my garden: programming my pool pump according to the water temperature/opening of the drip irrigation... in short, a lot of things to make my daily life easier! My criteria for choosing home automation are mainly: open source, a simple and clear interface, and respect for my privacy. Gladys is the ideal choice for me!


What equipment is required to install Gladys Assistant?

Gladys can be installed on any Linux machine (a Raspberry Pi, a NAS, a server, an old Linux PC, anything!), as long as Docker is running on the machine, Gladys can run on it.

Gladys Assistant is free to use, it's just a simple Docker container that can be started with a simple command.

Who uses Gladys Assistant 4?

Gladys Assistant 4 was released in November 2020. Since then, the project has been growing and the goal is to become a reference software in the world of open-source home automation!

Gladys Assistant is installed by all types of users:

  • Complete novices who want to automate their home with a simple, powerful, and privacy-respecting product.
  • Developers who think it's amazing to be able to code for their home and who contribute to this open-source project!
  • Pros who manage impressive sensor networks

How to contribute to the project?

Gladys Assistant is entirely open-source and available on GitHub.
Any PR is welcome 🙂

If you want to contribute, don't hesitate to come to the community to talk about the development you want to work on. This will allow you to see with other developers if someone else is not already working on it, and especially to discuss "specifications" before starting development!

How to access Gladys from outside my network?

We offer Gladys Plus, a service that proxies traffic from to your local Gladys instance, all end-to-end encrypted to respect your privacy, and without configuration! Gladys Plus is a "Progressive Web App" that you can install on your smartphone (Android and iOS), and thus have access to Gladys from anywhere in the world.