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How to configure Google Home with Gladys Assistant

It's possible to control Gladys devices with Google Home using Gladys Plus, our online gateway service.

Google Home is a very special integration, because Google Home works exclusively in the cloud (and we can't really change anything about that unfortunately).

To be a Google Home partner, we had to:

  • Pass some automated unit tests on Google side
  • Pass a manual review from Google team
  • Complete a Google Home Certification process

This is not an easy process, and therefore it's not really feasible for all our users to do this process on their side, it's a process that is intended for professionals & companies, and that's why we propose this integration in Gladys Plus exclusively.

Create a Gladys Plus account#

You need to go to our Gladys Plus page, and enter your email.

There is a 14 free trial so you can try our Google Home integration for free.

Configure Gladys Plus#

Gladys Plus needs to be fully configured before you can use the Google Home integration.

We recommended you follow the step you received by email to configure Gladys Plus.

At the end, you should be able to connect to without any issue. If it's good, you can configure Google Home!

Configuring Google Home#

First, go to your Google Home app on your phone (available on iOS/Android).

On the homescreen, click on the "+" in the top-left corner:

Google Home integration Gladys

Click then on the "set up device" button:

Google Home integration Gladys

Then click on "Works with Google":

Google Home integration Gladys

Finally search for "Gladys Assistant":

Google Home integration Gladys

By clicking on it, you should have to connect with your Gladys Plus account.

Enter your Gladys Plus credentials, your 2FA code, and finally you should see this:

Google Home integration Gladys

Click on "Link", you should be good!

You should see your devices in Google Home!

Compatible devices#

For now, only:

  • Lights (On/Off / Color / Brightness)
  • Switch (On/Off)

Additionnal compatibilities will be added on request, so don't hesitate to give us a word on the forum!