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Integrate your Z-Wave devices with Z-Wave JS UI


January 2024: This integration is in alpha for now.

The following features are supported:

We are looking for help to integrate other devices!

Gladys Assistant offers integration with Z-Wave JS UI, a software application for controlling Z-Wave devices.

Gladys connects to the same MQTT broker as Z-Wave JS UI and receives MQTT messages whenever a device's status changes.

Installing Z-Wave JS UI

Please visit the Z-Wave JS UI website for Z-Wave JS UI installation instructions.

Configuring Z-Wave JS UI

For integration with Gladys to work properly, 2 settings are required.

First, you need to set the MQTT parameters in the parameters, in particular the "name" field, which defines the MQTT topic to which messages will be sent.

Z-Wave JS UI Configuration MQTT

Next, configure the "Gateway" section as follows:

Z-Wave JS UI Configuration Gateway

Connect Gladys to Z-Wave JS UI

To enable Gladys to communicate with Z-Wave JS UI, you need to provide Gladys with the URL and connection information for the MQTT broker on which Z-Wave JS UI is published.

Go to the "Configuration" tab to add this information.

Discover Z-Wave JS UI

Go to the "Discovered" tab to see the devices your Z-Wave JS UI instance exposes.

You can then add them to Gladys with a single click!

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