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Connect Tuya in Gladys

  1. Create an account on

  2. Create a new cloud project in the « Cloud » → « Development » → « Create Cloud Project » section.

Tuya Gladys integration, create cloud project

  1. Choose a name for your project, and fill in the different fields:
  • Project Name : Name of your project (for example "Gladys");
  • Industry : Smart Home ;
  • Development method : Smart Home ;
  • Data Center : Central Europe Data Center (even if you live in Western Europe, it's better, otherwise select the datacenter closest to you).

Click on « Create ».

Tuya Gladys integration, create project

  1. Authorize the following API services: (It's selected by default)
  • IoT Core
  • Authorization Token Management
  • Smart Home Scene Linkage
  • Data Dashboard Service

Tuya Gladys integration, select api services

  1. Copy the information from "Access ID" and "Access Secret" in Gladys

Tuya Gladys integration, access id and access secret

  1. Go to the Devices tab then Link Tuya App Account and click on the Add App Account button on the right.

Tuya Gladys integration, lint account

  1. Scan the QR Code with your Smart Life application by going to Profile then on the code scanner at the top right.

Tuya Gladys integration, qr code

  1. Select Automatic Link then Read, Write and Manage and validate with OK.

Tuya Gladys integration, link account auth

  1. Copy the information "App account UID" in Gladys

Tuya Gladys integration, app account uid

  1. Save the configuration on Gladys, go to the "Tuya Discovery" tab and TADAM... your devices have appeared 🙂

Tuya Gladys integration, save configuration


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