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Installation with Docker Compose

In this tutorial, we go through the instructions for installing Gladys Assistant with Docker Compose. This tutorial works for any system (Raspberry Pi, Ubuntu VM, Synology NAS).


To install Docker Compose, you must first install Docker. Please refer to Install Docker documentation

Install Docker Compose

You should install Docker Compose v2 as a Docker plugin. To do so, you can follow the official documentation

Copy/Import the Gladys Docker Compose file descriptor

You can find a Docker Compose file example on our github repository :

Save this file into a directory on your system.

Things you may want to change:

  • SERVER_PORT: 80 => You can change the default port where the Gladys UI will be exposed.
  • TZ: Europe/Paris => Timezone used by container. Feel free to consult this list on wikipedia if you need to change this value.

Start Gladys

You can start Gladys (and Watchtower) containers with the command:

docker compose up -d


  • -d => This option is launching the containers in a detached mode, meaning you can disconnect and the containers will stay.

Accessing Gladys

You can access Gladys directly by typing the IP of your machine (the Raspberry Pi for example) in your browser.

To find the IP, just type ifconfig on the linux machine shell, or use a network scanner app (Network Scanner on Android or iNet on iOS)