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Setup a Windows development environment

You'll find here instructions to setup a development environment for Gladys 4 on Windows.

System prerequisites#

Please follow these links to prepare your OS.

WSL Configuration#

Please ensure your system use WSL2 by running following command

wsl.exe --set-default-version 2

From the Microsoft Store, search and install Ubuntu 20.04. This can take some time regarding your connection speed.

Microsoft Store Ubuntu

Now you can run Ubuntu, from start menu please launch Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. First time ubuntu will ask you to create user.

Install system dependencies#

First thing to do is to update distribution by running theses commands:

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y && sudo apt autoremove -y
  • Libraries installation:
sudo apt install sqlite3 make g++ git coreutils tzdata nmap openssl gzip udev -y
  • Node.js 14 Installation:
curl -sL -o nodesource_setup.shsudo bash nodesource_setup.shsudo apt install nodejs -y
  • Openzwave compilation:
git clone open-zwavegit checkout 5d18bbfb21d8cdc61ee6baae6f478c963297dfc5makesudo make installsudo sh -c "echo '/usr/local/lib64' > /etc/"sudo ldconfigcd && rm -rf open-zwave


The server is a Node.js app.

Clone Gladys Git repo#

git clone gladys && cd gladys

Install NPM dependencies#

cd server
npm install

Start DB migration#

npm run db-migrate:dev

Start the server#

npm start

The server should be accessible at http://localhost:1443.


At the root of the git repo, do:

cd front

Install NPM dependencies#

npm install

Start the frontend#

npm start

The frontend should be accessible at http://localhost:1444.

Start server tests#

Go to the server folder.

And run:

npm test

Start server tests only for one service#

To run the tests just for one service, go to the server folder and run the command:

npm run test-service --service=tasmota

Start VSCode#

You can launch Visual Studio Code from ubuntu by running command:

code .