Gladys is completely free and open-source forever. We provide Gladys Plus for cool additionnal features!

Community (free)

  • Open-Source Software
  • End-to-End Encrypted Remote Access
  • Daily Encrypted Backups
  • One-click Restore
  • Owntracks API Server
  • Private Slack Community
  • Support Open-Source Software

Gladys Plus (9.99€/month)

  • Open-Source Software
  • End-to-End Encrypted Remote Access
  • Daily Encrypted Backups
  • One-click Restore
  • Private Slack Community
  • Owntracks API Server
  • Support Open-Source Software
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Gladys Gateway

An End-To-End Encrypted Web Gateway for Gladys

Security & Privacy.

When you install Gladys on a Raspberry Pi, Gladys is only accessible on your local network. To access Gladys from the outside, I created the Gladys Gateway: an End-to-End Encrypted Gateway accessible from anywhere in the world. Thanks to asymmetric cryptography, only you can see and control your instance. (Data in transit is NOT readable, even for us).

Gladys 4 devices
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Invite your family and friends

Send an invite in one-click to your family and friend to give them access to your home control. Revoke access when you want, you are the administrator.

Who Am I?


My name is Pierre-Gilles Leymarie and I founded Gladys 6 years ago!

My initial goal was to build my own jarvis for my student appartment. I open-sourced it, and it became a well-known home automation software used by thousands of users.

Today, you're more than 40 000 having downloaded Gladys, so I decided to work on Gladys as my main job. This is thanks to your support that I can continue my work on it! Thanks for supporting the project 🙂


Why should I subscribe to the Gladys Plus?

You want to Access Gladys from anywhere in the world securely? Interact with a passionnate home automation community? Support open-source and a passionate indie maker? This package is made for you!

Can I unsuscribe at any time?

Of course! Gladys is an open-source project, not a creepy organization 😄 If you want to unsubscribe, you can do it in one click from the Gladys Gateway. If only all subscriptions were like that...

Satisfied or reimbursed?

Of course! If you are not satisfied with the service, just email me and I'll reimburse you without any questions. Feel free to explain what you didn't like so I can improve the service 🙂

Can you explain how end-to-end encryption works here?

I took a lot of time to read about state of the art End-To-End Encryption. I read Apple Security White Paper about iMessage E2E encryption feature. I read Dashlane White paper, read and talked with Insomnia Founder, and read about ProtonMail implementation of the Remote Secure Password protocol.

The Gladys Gateway encrypts all your messages using AES-GCM 256bits algorithm and a unique key generated at each message. This key is then encrypted using RSA-OAEP 2048bits algorithm and the public key of your Gladys instance. Finally, the message is signed with the ECDSA P-256 Algorithm and bundled with an expiry date to avoid Replay Attack. On Gladys side, the user have to validate each new user public key to avoid Man In The Middle attack. With those securities, even if the Gladys Gateway is compromised, the attacker cannot control your Gladys instance because he doesn't have your private key.

Why is Gladys Plus not free?

Gladys and all its services, the Gladys Gateway, the website: everything is 100% open-source and free to use.
But open-source doesn't mean that I don't have any recurring costs on my side: servers, domains, community, email services, subscriptions, hardwares... Without counting my time on the project now that Gladys is my main activity.

This project respects your privacy, and therefore can live only from theses contributions. Each subscription helps me make the project even better, and prove the world that a privacy-first and open-source alternative is possible! 🚀

Are you developing more features for Gladys and the Gateway?

Of course! The more contributors there are on this package, the more I'm able to invest on Gladys. For example, last month I paid a professional designer to work on the brand identity of Gladys. We all agree that the work he did is incredible, and it's only thanks to contributions that I was able to pay this designer.

In fact, Gladys it's a little bit like a decentralized company, where the boss, it's you! Thanks to this business model, all decisions are made in order to favorize users, not investor or advertisers.

You have questions? Send me a tweet at @pierregillesl!