Scenarios in Gladys

Scenarios in Gladys are really easy. It’s based on a single concept :

  • First, there is a Trigger ( an “event” ). Like “IF I’m going to sleep”.
  • Then, there are conditions “AND current time is more than 9PM”
  • Finally, there are actions “THEN turn off the lights everywhere AND execute this script.”

All these types of triggers, conditions, and actions are defined in a special Git repository via a set of JSON files, and can be updated remotely in Gladys.

Then, you can create scenarios based on these types of triggers/conditions/actions directly in Gladys on the dashboard.

Updating scenario possibilities

Go to your Gladys dashboard, then go to Parameters, and click on Update Gladys data. It will download all JSON and update scenario possibilities.

You can update them whenever you want. Try to update

Creating a scenario

To create a scenario, first go the the Scenario panel.

Click on Create.

You should arrive on this view. You have differents categories of triggers. Select Alarms here.

Scenario Gladys

Select a trigger

Select the only trigger here “When an alarm fire”. You can then either select a specific alarm, or leave it blank so it will fire on any alarm.

Scenario Gladys


For this example, we won’t add conditions. Skip this step.

Scenario Gladys


You can now select actions you want to start when the event is triggered. Here, I will show you an example with the “Create Notification” action. Select New Notification.

Scenario Gladys

Actions Params

You probably want to enter manually the text of the notification, the title, the color of the notification, the icon, and which gladys user will receive the notificatioN. Scroll down and enter the informations you want to provide the action :

Scenario Gladys

Congrats !

Now save your scenario, and boom, your first scenario is created !

Just try to create an alarm ( see our tutorial on How to create a Gladys Alarm ), and try the scenario !