Access Gladys Remotely

It’s easy to control Gladys from your home, because you are in the same local network as your Raspberry Pi.

But when you are oustide of your network: on your phone, or at work, it became harder.

To access Gladys remotely, there are 2 solutions:

Open your internet box port

If your internet provider allows that, you can give a public IP address to your local Raspberry Pi and then access your Gladys wherever you are in the world.

The problem is that this approach is unsecure, because your instance became available online, and can be hacked by bots scanning public IPs.

To solve this problem, we built the Gladys Gateway.

The Gladys Gateway

The Gladys Gateway is an end-to-end encrypted gateway, that allows you to control your Gladys instance from a simple web based UI availabe at

All communications between your local Raspberry Pi and the web client are end-to-end encrypted, so you privacy is respected.

To get access to the Gladys Gateway, you need to subscribe to the Gladys Community Package πŸ™‚