Raspberry Pi 3 - Starter Kit

The Raspberry Pi is essential. It's the little computer which runs Gladys Software.

Philips Hue

Philips Hue are high quality lamps with 16 million colors and 50,000 shades of white light.

Arduino Nano

This arduino is connected threw USB to Gladys to receive 433Mhz signals.

Sonos Speakers

The Sonos speaker is a really good Wi-Fi sound system and works well with Gladys !

Z-wave.Me USB

This Z-wave+ USB dongle allows you to control Z-wave peripherals in your house.

Fibaro Motion Sensor

This Z-wave+ sensor detects motion, temperature, light and vibrations.

NFC tags

NFC tags allows you to trigger scenario in Gladys when your phone touch them.

RF 433Mhz Transmitter/Receiver

This kit allows you to receive and emit 433Mhz signals.

433MHZ Wireless Motion Sensor

This low-cost motion sensor send a 433Mhz signal to Gladys when a motion is detected.

433MHz Door Magnetic Contact

This sensor sends a 433Mhz signal to Gladys when the door is opened

Mi-Light Lamp

Chinese Philips Hue, with an easy-to-use API. Cheap but works well !

Mi-Light Wi-Fi bridge

The bridge allows you to connect your Mi-light lamp to your Wi-Fi network

Wemo Insight Switch

With this plug, you can control devices in your house and see the electricity consumption !

Gladys starter pack

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