Gladys, your home assistant

Gladys is an open-source program which runs on your Raspberry Pi.

She integrates into your life, seamlessly communicating across your entire home network and your devices while checking your calendar.


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Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi

Gladys runs on a Raspberry Pi. It's the brain of the system.

Power Outlets
Power Outlets

Gladys controls all your devices, even your coffee machine!

Connected bulbs
Connected bulbs

Gladys controls your lights, for a colorful wake up!


"Gladys, put some music in the living room!"


Gladys core and its module are 100% open-source and available on GitHub. Everyone can read, edit and modify the source.


We think a good product starts by a good design. We always think about design when implemtenting a new feature.


More than an assistant, Gladys is a whole community of users, developers, that contributes each day to make Gladys better.


Performance is an important aspect of the project. Gladys is 100% written in Node.js, and is blazzing fast.


With Gladys, all your data stays locally on your machine. Nothing leaves your local database, your life stays private.


Finally, Gladys it's a home assistant that'll bring some magic in your life !

Gladys Events

Gladys, it's a community of users, developers, that often meet to discuss about the future of the connected home.

Want a Gladys conference in your School/Fablab/Company/Event ? Contact me directly on Gladys contact page => Contact me here.

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