Gladys Assistant

A privacy-first, open-source home assistant

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  • Centralize your cameras
  • Control your house
  • Connect your calendars
  • Create scenes

A super-stable software, designed for performance & security

Atomic, rock-solid & automatic upgrades
Minimalist, clean UI
Open-Source Code, reviewed by the community
Integrations are built-in, not installed
End-to-End Encrypted remote access (Plus feature)

Lots of compatibilities, built-in

All integrations are open-source and developed by the community.

Wansview Q5

The Wansview Q5 camera is RTSP compatible and is available for a good price ...

Reolink RLC-520-5MP

The Reolink camea is powered over Ethernet, waterproof and RTSP compatible

Sonoff Basic

Sonoff Switches are Wi-Fi controlled switch and are integrated in Gladys.

This USB Z-Wave dongle is cheap, and works well with Gladys. Recommended by the ...