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December 2022: This Open-Zwave integration is now deprecated, and we are migrating to Zwave-js-ui, a new library written in pure JS, more robust, and with a wide range of compatible devices.

In the meantime, we highly recommend that you use Gladys + Node-RED + ZWaveJS2mqtt instead of this integration.

If you want to help us migrate to ZWaveJS, we are looking for maintainers, join us on the forum if you want to help.

Connect your USB dongle to your Raspberry Pi

First, plug your Z-Wave dongle to your Raspberry Pi.

Select in Gladys the USB port of your dongle

Then, go the Integrations -> Z-Wave tab in Gladys, and go to the Settings page.

Here, you can select the USB port of your Z-Wave dongle.

Gladys will now take a few minutes to scan your network.

Add your Z-Wave in Gladys

Back to the Configuration tab, you can now add each devices to Gladys!